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Since Sunday 10 December, the mobility in the Grand Duchy knows a upheaval. Two new CFL train stations (Howald and Kirchberg-Pfaffenthal), new schedules on all CFL lines, modified bus routes, and the start of the Tram linking the Red-Bridge to Luxexpo.

After the inauguration of the Tram on Sunday and the transport of the first passengers around 13:00 the same day, it did not take long to know the first incident. On Monday evening around 22:30 the Tram (on rails) was out of its way.

Here is the communiqué Luxtram released today afternoon:

“Yesterday evening, around 22:30, at the time of the change of lane at the terminus “Rout Bréck-Pafendall”, one of the four bogies of the train, which was on the zone of maneuver and without passengers on board, left partially of its way because of a technical problem.

By performing exercises of this type of incident during thetest phase, the train’s bogie was quickly put back on track by the Luxtram maintenance team. The tram was able to join, by its own means, the workshop on the site of the “Neien Tramsschapp” for a technical control and a detailed analysis.

This incident, uncommon, had no impact on the operation of the network. This morning, the first train was able to leave as planned at 4:42 am and the first passengers were able to board at 5:00 am at Rout Bréck-Pafendall stop. ”

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