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Taina Bofferding visiting CGDIS Luxembourg Fire and Rescue Corps

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Taina Bofferding visited the CGDIS (Grand Ducal Fire and Rescue Corps) set up on 1 July last and now regroups the rescue forces of Luxembourg.
For her first visit as Minister of the Interior, Taina Bofferding made a point of getting acquainted with the heads of the different departments and departments.
The Minister, along with the Chairman of the Board, Alain Becker, first went to the headquarters of CGDIS, where she was greeted by General Manager Paul Schroeder. Then, after discussions with officials and collaborators, Taina Bofferding also visited the Emergency Center (CSU 112).
Managing Director Paul Schroeder presented the Operations Management Center (OCM) and outlined the main lines of establishing a chain of command.
Interior Minister Taina Bofferding closed the visit by emphasising the importance and the need for close collaboration between all civil security actors by announcing that they would like to visit the site in order to meet the actors on the ground.
Photo credit: Ministry of the Interior.
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