DEFENSE – Budget increase by 10% in the US, what about Luxembourg?

luxembourg security privacy defense police cyber - luxembourg military transport vehicle

keywords: pentagon, president trump, nato, military ambition, europe of defense.   President Trump announces today a significant increase of nearly 10% in the budget of the national defense (Pentagon) which leaves the whole world puzzled. While he seemed to want to reduce military spending (see the pressure he put on US military equipment manufacturers with a series of tweets in order to lower the prices) he now takes the opposite side. An increase of such importance is not surprising in China for example, but it is well in the United…

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STRATEGY – President Trump’s Tweet Diplomacy Decrypted

luxembourg security privacy defense police cyber - white house

keywords : donald trump, china, lockheed martin, #unpresident, #MakeAmericaGreatAgain. President-elect Donald Trump was criticized during his presidential campaign because of so called tweeting too much and being too impulsive on social networks, mainly Twitter. At some point even his aide took control of his twitter account in order to prevent him to make a mistake that could cost him the White House. But now, the Twitter account is back to his owner. With more or less 5 tweets a day, President-elect Trump shows to American people and to the world…

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