FINANCE – Why we love security and defense stocks (and you should too!)

luxembourg security privacy defense police cyber

keywords : security, defense, cyber security, stocks, invest in defense stocks. Here are the reasons why we have to invest in defense, security and cyber security stocks. Businesses in security, cyber security, and defense sectors don’t know crises. Their stocks get a positive trend too. Insecurity is a growth stock. With threats that seem disappear since 2008, western countries digesting the 2008 financial crisis and had to lower their budgets have slashed their security and defense spendings. But with the big drop in spending, threats are back. Wherever the threats…

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POLICE – 3 reasons why in France one does not like the Police

luxembourg security privacy defense police cyber - je soutiens la police

keywords : police, security, sacralization, communication, #jesoutienslapolice. Imagine a world without a police force. Imagine that tomorrow the media announce that the police is not able to intervene even only for one hour. How long do you think we will have to wait for before the store windows to explode, shops to be looted and people assaulted? There is no doubt that a world without police would bring us back to a state of insecurity such as could be known in the Middle Ages or even before the generalization of…

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