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keywords: rfid chip, security badge, weird. Charity begins at home. It is this adage put into practice by a Belgian marketing company by making the buzz for itself. In fact, to combat the loss of the access badge of its employees, this company decided to replace the security badge with an RFID chip that it decided to implant under the skin, more precisely in the hand between the thumb and forefinger. This chip then allows access to the building, but also to unlock the computer, to unlock the printer and…

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PRIVACY – How to protect my privacy ? Cryptography vs. Steganography

luxembourg security privacy defense police cyber - how to keep my privacy

keywords : cryptography, steganography, privacy, security. When we think about how to protect our privacy, we think about the way to keep our informations private. It doesn’t mean we are doing in life some reprehensible, illegal or even bad things, it just means that we want nobody to access our informations. Historically people looked for keeping their informations secret, and communicating them hidden from the world. It is true when it comes to military and defense matters, and nowadays when it comes to economic matters too. In order to keep…

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