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Private Security jobs are exciting for those who love to serve and protect others. In many cases, the job of security guard is considered to be poorly qualified and not very rewarding, whereas it requires highly developed technical, human and psychological skills. Being a good security guard is not easy, recruiting a good security guard is not easy either.

Historically, former soldiers have been recruits of choice for private security companies. Indeed the training received by former soldiers is very appropriate to what is expected of a GOOD private security guard.

  • Adequate training

There is around 20,000 soldiers who leave the ranks in France each year, the Luxembourg statistics are not public but one can imagine that dozens of soldiers leave d’Arméi (Lëtzebuerger Arméi) every year at the end of the contract of voluntary service with the Army which lasts 36 months (and can be renewed). Former soldiers are trained to react in a crisis situation, repeating the exercises until they become automatic. We remember the young American soldiers who defeated a terrorist in the Thalys Brussels-Paris after hearing automatic weapon sounds in the toilets of the train, they explained having done their duty, for them nothing exceptional, they simply acted as they were trained to act.

  • Melee (close combat) control (martial arts, krav maga)

When physical intervention is required, the private security guard must first know how to protect himself in order to protect others. Self-defense techniques are indispensable and soldiers, Police and security forces in general are trained there. They help to develop self-control and to know how to cope if necessary.

  • Vigipirate / Sentinel / OVG-Homeland: the perfect profile?

Soldiers in the public space surveillance operations Vigipirate, Sentinel or Vigilant Guardian/Homeland carry out operations to protect the population (and themselves) as would do private security guards. They monitor, alert, and if necessary intervene directly. That is exactly what is expected from a private security officer.


In the end, recruiting a former soldier has many advantages for a private security company: a sense of duty, teamwork, training very close to that of a good security officer. There is no doubt that the conversion of the soldiers into the Private Security will not cease soon.


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