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Controlling physical access of a company or a sensitive part of the company such as an open space while ensuring access ease and fluidity is a challenge that is sometimes difficult to meet. The difficulty of controlling everyone all the time often leads to the creation of “hard” checkpoints such as portals or security airlocks that slow down the flow of people, lengthen the queues and can therefore endanger people. In the opposite excess, the removal of these hard control points in order to fluidify the access requires a series of successive filtering checks which require significant security personnel and which can not always be set up.

It is in this context that the Californian firm Cobalt Robotics offers a series of interior patrol robots for companies and the most sensitive parts of the company such as open-spaces, which will continuously control activity day and night and alert if necessary.

Far from replacing traditional security agents, these robots supplement their role by adding thermal vision capabilities (temperature control), scanning, state of openings (doors and windows), interaction with staff via camera and microphone, the company’s staff seems to accept better, and interaction with the checkpoint and backup if needed.

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