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Road safety Luxembourg – Speed marathon 2018 with police checks

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The “Speed ​​Marathon” 2018 for its fourth edition will take place on Wednesday 18th April. A “speed marathon” is a period of 24 hours during which the police of 18 countries of the European Union control at the same time the motorists of the 18 countries.

This fourth edition of the “speed marathon” will start on Thursday at 6:00 am and finish the next day at the same time.

Police Luxembourg in its role of prevention and awareness informs of the police of the road  numerous presence on the roads of the Grand-Duchy. The targeted offenses are those most frequently found: excessive speed, telephone while driving, seat belt failure, this list is not exhaustive.

The cross border workers have to be vigilant also: their country of residence probably also participates in this day of checks.

Of course the respect of the rules on the roads is not limited to the only day of the “speed marathon”.

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