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Road safety Luxembourg – Speed marathon 2018 ends up with good figures

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The time for assessment of the “speed marathon” 2018 in Luxembourg has come. As part of a European campaign to educate motorists on the dangers of speed on the road, the Police of 18 countries participated in a marathon of speed controls for 24 consecutive hours, from Wednesday 06h00 to today Thursday same time .

“Drive carefully, but not only today” (Police Luxembourg, 18 April 2018)


As part of this “speed marathon” 2018 the Grand Ducal Police announces the following figures:

– 240 traffic checks were carried out throughout the country.

– 202 fines of 49 euros for speeding.

– 80 fines of 145 euros to pay and a loss of two points of driving license for speeding.

– 15 reports of high-speed crimes against 15 road users who exceeded the maximum authorised speed by more than 50% or who were at least 20 km/h above the maximum authorised speed.

– 11 procedures for offenses other than excessive speed, such as drinking while driving for example.

– 1 driving license withdrawal.

Luxembourg has ambitious goals in terms of road safety


These European-wide speed control campaigns are aimed at raising the awareness of road users of the risks associated with speed, which is the leading cause of mortality on the roads.

Long regarded as one of the worst pupils in Europe in terms of road safety, Luxembourg has aligned itself with the UN goal of halving the number of road fatalities by 2020, and has joined the “Slow down Europe” initiative encouraging road users to slow down.

A development of “Zones 30” is also visible in our communes.

And of course, as the Police say, driving safely is not limited to the single speed marathon day.

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