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The road safety targets in Luxembourg are very ambitious. In line with the UN’s objectives in this subject, the first is to halve the number of road victims between 2016 and 2020. The next objective, which has already been validated, is to divide by two again this number between 2020 and 2030.

Long time considered as a bad pupil of Europe in terms of road safety, the Grand Duchy multiplies initiatives.

And motorcycle safety is an issue that is not forgotten.

Whereas nowadays forbidden, the question of authorizing the motorcyclists overtaking between lanes is debated. Prohibited in almost all European countries except Belgium, it is currently experimented in four zones of the French territory.

MP Georges Engel (LSAP) asked the Minister of Sustainable Development and Infrastructures François Bausch for the subject asking whether this kind of overtaking traffic (for two wheels and three wheels motorcycles) will be allowed in Luxembourg since, according to him, it favors the safety of bikers as safety distances are not respected by other road users, also improves traffic fluidity and the comfort of motorcyclists especially in times of high temperature.

The Minister has 30 days to give an answer.

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