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Rescue services Luxembourg – New visual identity for CGDIS

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It’s official since Monday, the Luxembourg rescue services now have a new visual identity (image). This new visual identity is unveiled following the unanimous adoption by the Parliament of the draft law on the organisation of civil security and the creation of a Grand-Ducal Fire and Rescue Corps (CGDIS). Expected for a long time, this reorganisation of the emergency services aims at greater efficiency as well in term of management of the vehicles as in term of management of the men.

“A common visual identity for a sense of belonging, an esprit de corps”
(Dan Kersch, Minister of the Interior, March 26, 2018)


This new visual identity, which will be visible on all the fire and rescue services, has been created with the aim of creating a sense of belonging and esprit de corps among the professionals and volunteers of the emergency services and also to allow the population to visually recognize the numbers of relief services in the field.

This new logo is a stylised lion’s head, synonymous according to the Minister of benevolence and vigilance, framed by the three colours of the Luxembourg flag, this frame symbolically supports and protects the Grand-Ducal Fire and Rescue Corps.

Eventually, the Minister of the Interior Dan Kersch expects between 600 and 800 professional firefighters in the Grand Duchy. At the end of last year, a recruitment campaign had a very positive response, 30 professional firefighters were sought for the creation of the CGDIS.

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