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With the constant increase in the number of cross-border workers and the increase in the resident population, the subject of mobility has become critical. And the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructures is stepping up initiatives on all fronts to facilitate and increase transportation capacity.

In particular with regard to railway mobility, the budget to be invested over the period 2013 and 2023 is EUR 3.8 billion, almost twice the budget of the years 2003 to 2013, ie EUR 1.3 billion.

The developments related to the tram and the new stations make a large part of this budget.

In addition, many other projects will be launched in 2023, such as the two new platforms at Luxembourg train station, the modernization of the Mersch, Wasserbillig and Ettelbruck stations, all of them will have their own Park and Ride, the redevelopment of the Bettembourg train station, the second Luxembourg-Bettembourg line, as well as the setting up of free wi-fi in railway stations and in CFL trains and buses.

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