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Securing a place has always been a challenge. It is indeed easier to attack than to defend; The attacker knows when he will attack, how he will attack and with what, he has all the information. While the defense has none, it does not know when, where, nor how. It must therefore be ready for any type of attack and above all must be permanently ready, vigilance must be constant which is not in human nature.

It is then interesting to add to the security agents that are indispensable technological items in order to help to secure. These means must be of three types: peripheral, perimetric and volumetric.

Peripheral safety.

To be alerted of an attack as soon as possible one must see as far as possible, it is the principle of peripheral security. Castles and even towns wherever possible were built on high points in order to have a clear view as far as possible.

In practice, peripheral safety is obtained by monitoring the ground areas surrounding the zone to protect in order to achieve maximum precocity, thanks to infrared barriers, detection systems buried in the ground, video surveillance/video cameras protection .

Perimetric safety.

Perimeter security is added to the perimeter security that concerns the boundaries (the periphery) of the area to be protected, it will be the fences of the property or the outside walls of the room to be protected.

It involves mechanical and electronic security measures to monitor and protect vulnerable areas (doors, windows, etc.) through the use of equipment such as video surveillance/video surveillance cameras, Opening, vibration detectors, glass breakage, acoustic or seismic detectors.

Volumetric safety.

To the first two types of safety which are aimed outside the zone to be protected, is added the volumetric safety inside.

It consists in detecting the movements in a given space. It typically involves passive infrared detectors and/or multi-criteria detectors.


Protecting a sensitive area (housing, business, factory or other sensitive area) can not be improvised. It is necessary to detect intrusions as soon as possible in order to minimize the impact, ideally even before it has occurred (periphery). To the indispensable work of the security agents, the technology now makes possible to reinforce and automate this surveillance/protection.

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