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Pont Adolphe Bike Gateway – Where are the video cameras to secure the site?

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The gateway under the Pont Adolphe Bridge reserved for cyclists and pedestrians reopened this Monday after its closure on the 4 June, in order to renew and finish the coating of the flooring.

The flooring is now very adherent and will ensure good grip in rain and snow for both pedestrians and cyclists. The lanes are now well separated, two lanes reserved for bicycles (one lane for each direction) and one lane reserved for pedestrians. Visually the result is beautiful (see photo). But there is still a problem: where are the video surveillance cameras of the Pont Adolphe bike gateway?

“The cables and ducts are currently installed and, in the short term, cameras will be operational throughout the course”

Dany Frank, spokesman at the Ministry of Infrastructure, September 2017


Since its inauguration on Sunday 17 September 2017, voices have risen to emphasise the potential risk that runs this place confined and isolated to users in the evening and at night. In response, the Ministry of Infrastructure spokesman said that video surveillance cameras would be installed throughout all the 154-meter course.

But ten months after these remarks video surveillance cameras in the Pont Adolphe bike gateway are still not operational.

Highly used by cross-border workers in their journeys Central Station – Hamilius and tourists, the Pont Adolphe bicycle gateway is an important element of the strategy to promote soft mobility in Luxembourg. Its security via video surveillance cameras managed by Police Luxembourg is therefore still expected.

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