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Medpack – Extra hospital medical workstation for Firefighters and First responder

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Medpack is an extra-hospital medical workstation (EHMWS), ie a station that allows the care of people in emergency situations outside hospitals, on the move.

“Resuscitation ambulances and Smur intervene in places rarely adapted to provide care in good conditions”

First Sergeant Samuel Mercier, inventor of Medpack


It was invented by First Sergeant Samuel Mercier, an emergency medical technician with the Paris Fire Brigade, and received the first prize at the Lépine 2018 competition, in which every year the inventors of France compete against each other and put forward their inventions.

Emergency and rescue services are always looking for an optimised organisation that will allow them to be faster and more efficient on the ground so they can save more lives on an unchanged budget.

What are the strengths of Medpack


– A deployment that does not exceed 5 seconds

– A compact and lightweight mobility care workstation

– A compartmentalised and rationalised station

– Space management around the patient

– Hygiene and waste management

What problems does Medpack respond to?


Most emergency and rescue services today use an intervention bag in which all the equipment is put. Although the structuring of this intervention tool is certain, it remains limited. The bag and the elements it contains must generally be placed on the ground, it is difficult to respect optimal hygiene conditions.

The working position must also be facilitated to ensure that emergency personnel are able to intervene in good conditions.

Here are two presentation videos of the Medpack, the extra-hospital medical workstation (EHMWS).


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