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While Luxembourg Army is celebrating 50 years of voluntary military service this year, the government is trying to make the military career more attractive.

For a long time poorly considered, the military career is increasingly considered by young people, rejuvenation of staff is under way.

While the law of 28 June 1967 put an end to compulsory military service by introducing voluntary service, since that date more than 8,350 volunteer soldiers have joined the Army. In 1987, voluntary military service was opened to women. Since the end of 2002, nationals of the Member States of the European Union have been allowed to join the Army as a volunteer.

While the government wants to increase the Defense budget by 0.6% of GDP by 2020, it is stepping up initiatives to make the military career more attractive: the purchase of military equipment and the recruitment of men.

The government Council thus endorsed on 30 June a Grand-Ducal regulation project modernizing the voluntary service, making it more attractive to young people and adapting it to the reality of the labor market. Thus, the project adapts the procedure for selecting potential volunteers by raising the age limit for enrolment in military service to 26 years. It reforms the organization and the modalities of the re-engagement system by allowing the volunteer to re-engage directly after the first 36 months of military service. The project reinstated the pay for the officer candidates from indirect recruitment. Finally, it modernizes the provisions concerning the termination of the contract of engagement and re-engagement.

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