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Luxembourg is one of the safest countries in the world and we welcome it. People are living and working in the Grand Duchy with a feeling of security that few countries know. While threats of all types are increasing in neighboring countries, Luxembourg does not seem impacted.

And when we talk about security of goods, facilities and people, private security is an important part of the system.

Security agents, telemonitoring and teleprotection, the private security market is multiple.

The big names in security are present.

The world “Big Four” in private security and guarding have been present in Luxembourg for a long time.

The British G4S employ 1,200 staffers, the American Brink’s over 1000, the Swedish Securitas about 550 and the Spanish Prosegur over 100. Together they regroup about 3000 security professionals, making private security one of the major employers in the country.

Alongside the big names, there are a number of smaller structures, which offer (as they say) a more tailored service. The private security market is quite fragmented, with each company having its strengths in order to meet increasingly demanding clients.

A growing and evolving market.

The vigil with muscles and practicing self defense is certainly still present, the protection of many sites or many people / personalities claiming it. However, a communication and reception role is increasingly required, no longer limiting the role of security personnel to its primary one but involving it more in communication.

And in the face of evolving threats, staff training is also evolving. Training is often required for first aid, and fire fighting.

The development of telepresence, telemonitoring and teleprotection then requires more precise knowledge in analysis and information technology.


The private security and guarding market is still growing in Luxembourg. The emergence and development of surveillance / protection teleservices is a new challenge. The profession opens up to new profiles, more technical and even technological. In summary all profiles can work in private security. So why not you ?


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