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Luxembourg Rescue – What to do if you find a wild animal wounded

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A network of 4 “Wëlldéier drop-off” which will serve as temporary accommodation for wild animals in distress will be activated from 1 May 2018. These four structures built in containers will be open 24 hours a day and will allow the taking into wounded or young wild animals.

Since the Ministries of the Interior and the Environment wish the wild animal welfare to be supported by the emergency services, these facilities are therefore located near Fire and Rescue Center (CIS).

Spread across the country, the 4 short-term wildlife shelters are located in:

– Clervaux: Fire and Rescue Center, village street

– Dudelange: Wildlife Care Center, Parc Le’h

– Junglinster: Fire and Rescue Center, 1 Emile Nilles Street

– Niederfeulen: National School of Fire and Rescue Service, 25 rue de la Wark

Call the 24-hour Wildlife Care Center at 26 51 39 90


Issued by the Department of the Environment and the Health ministry, here are the 10 golden rules to follow when finding a wounded or young wild animal:

1 – Stay calm

2 – Do not put yourself unnecessarily at risk by underestimating the risk of being injured by wild animals, or by road traffic

3 – Do not touch the animal unless it is really in distress and needs help

4 – Reduce stress for the animal (put it in a quiet, dark place, and do not expose it)

5 – Call the Dudelange Wildlife Care Center available 24/24 to 26 51 39 90

6 – Be guided towards one of the four facilities for injured or young wild animals: the “Drop-off” (short-term assistance) and the wildlife care center (long-term assistance)

7 – Carry the animal in a suitable transport box (for example a carton box with ventilation holes so that the animal can breathe)

8 – Do not bring the animal home to treat it yourself

9 – Do not give food to the wild animal

10 – Do not give drugs to the wild animal

In case of a traffic accident with a wild animal


1 – Get safe (reflective vest, warning lights)

2 – Secure the accident site by means of a warning triangle

3 – Call the 113 (except in case of injury of the road user dial 112)

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