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Many customers-users complain about the state of the Esch-sur-Alzette CFL station. And compared to the state-of-the-art Belval railway station, Esch’s station is very pale.

Petition 779 requesting a correct station was opened for signature and surprisingly collected only 116 electronic signatures. The text of the petition explains that:

The station in Esch must be renovated, secured, clean and welcoming. Dynamic billboards, as in all respected stations, must be installed so that schedules and delays are visible.
Grounds for public interest in the petition: The station at Esch is a horror. It does not have the least display, which is a shame in 2016, especially when we know that the university has just opened its doors a few steps: what image do we give the country and its prosperity?
An interminable project has been hampering passengers for several years, forcing them out of the station to go from ticket offices to the docks.
The tiles and walls are in poor condition; on the platform, a pole corroded by rust supports (until when?) a high voltage line. Not the least waiting room: to protect against the cold, nothing better than a corridor without a seat and two hollows in the wall rising on one of the quays. Only the spiders seem to find it nice.

Let us remind that a petition reaching 4500 signatures is then discussed in Parliament, which will not be the case here. But let us hope that this spotlight here on a somewhat abnormal situation in the richest country in Europe will make things happen.

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