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Luxembourg Army – 54 volunteer soldiers take oath proud to serve

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Fifty-four volunteer soldiers were sworn in on Friday 20 April 2018 at Saint Michel Square in Mersch in the presence of the Secretary of State for Defense, Francine Closener.

This ceremony marks for the volunteers the completion of the four-month basic training. This phase aims to prepare the volunteer soldiers for their 36-month military training, which can then be extended. Of a total of 78 recruits, 54 successfully completed basic training, a 69% success rate.

Participation in exciting and rewarding missions


Of the new sworn recruits, thirteen are of Portuguese nationality, one of Italian nationality, one of German nationality and one of Dutch nationality.

The Luxembourg Army is traditionally specialised in “ground reconnaissance”, and in support capabilities to operations. Recognition is part of the broader field of action called ISR – “Intelligence, Surveillance, Recognition”. Recognition allows for the collection, by visual observation and using different detection modes, of information and cartographic information that, among other things, identifies the risks to which deployed personnel are exposed, with a view to protecting them and facilitating planning process and decision making.

It is currently conducting logistical support missions in Lithuania as part of NATO’s “Enhanced Forward Presence” operation. It is also present in Mali within the framework of the European Union Training Mission in Mali (EUTM Mali) where it carries out training and training actions for Malian units, including its managers.

With a gradual increase in the military budget and an increase in its role abroad and the development of an air component, joining the Luxembourg Army is the opportunity to participate in exciting and rewarding missions.

Photo: Lëtzebuerger Arméi.

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