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While drought is raging in Luxembourg after the lack of rain in winter and spring, the Environment Department of the Ministry of Sustainable Development confirms the increased risk of forest fires in Luxembourg.

According to its statement: “Due to the exceptionally high temperatures and the absence of precipitation, there is now an increased risk of forest fire, because a long period of drought makes the forest extremely flammable. Short periods of rain which are insufficient to humidify the soil at depth.

It is therefore essential to be more vigilant in the forest during this period of drought, especially as most fires are caused by humans. Fire-fighting therefore begins with advice: avoid making a fire (grilling for example), avoid throwing objects in ignition such as cigarettes, avoid leaving pieces of glass that sometimes make magnifying glass and declare the fire.

Park your car only on non-combustible, bituminous or non-grassed surfaces to avoid the risk of ignition by contact of the muffler or catalytic converter and allow access to forest roads free to allow the passage of vans, fire brigade. As walkers, locate the paths in order to know your position to get out quickly from the forest in case of fire. Protect yourself by moving as far away as possible from the burned area.

Inform the rescue services as soon as a cloud of smoke appears by calling 112. Give as much information as possible about the location of the fireplace and describe the surroundings: people present, dwellings nearby, direction taken by fire, etc. Convene a meeting point in a safe place to guide the emergency units to the scene of the disaster. Stay on the phone until the emergency center operator (112) has all the necessary information for quick and effective help.”

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