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The Grand Duchy Fire Department does not have a museum so far. But it seems that the government is preparing the creation of a firefighters museum in Luxembourg.

To be sure, the national representation asks the question to the Minister of the Interior Dan Kersch with a parliamentary question on Tuesday 16 May.

MP Max Hahn (DP) reminds that firefighters store old vehicles and various objects related to their activity in halls in Leudelange and Colmar-Berg.

The MP asks the Minister:

“Does the Minister consider the construction of a future museum or, if necessary, rent a place to host such a museum?

Does the Minister intend to set up a museum exclusively for the needs of the fire brigade, or is he planning to regroup several public services such as P&T Police and Gendarmerie, Customs and Rescue Services in a single museum? ”

The Minister has one month to provide a reply.

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