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LUXEMBOURG – Fake (counterfeit) banknotes in circulation – ALERT

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According to several prominent banking sources in the Luxembourg market, a considerable amount of counterfeit notes is currently circulating in the Grand Duchy. These are mainly 50 euro notes with thicker than normal paper and a matte hologram. They may seem easily detectable but counterfeiters want to take advantage of the crowd that is currently found in the Christmas market and in boutiques, Luxembourgers preparing their Christmas gifts and are less attentive, as well as traders.

We therefore draw your attention to these counterfeit notes. Know that a fake note in your possession can be withdrawn without counterpart (it will not be exchanged for a real ticket) if your good faith is established, when the false monayers, a prison sentence is at stake.

A new 50 euro banknote will soon be put into circulation by the European Central Bank (ECB) to make it more difficult to manufacture counterfeit notes.

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