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The Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure is multiplying initiatives to promote mobility in the country. The development of the electric car is one of them. Besides the price of the models proposed which is today a limit to its generalization, the lack of charging points also slows its development.

Since 2 June 2017, the network of public chargers for electric cars and hybrid plug-in cars in Luxembourg, called Chargy, is operational. Some twenty terminals have been installed throughout the country. It is planned that until the end of the year the network will have 150 terminals and by 2020 a total of 800 terminals: 400 on public car parks in the communes and 400 on relay car parks, allowing easy access to public transport . Each terminal has two points of accelerated charge (modulable between 3.7 kW and 22 kW depending on the car), Chargy will eventually count 1,600 parking spaces dedicated to electric mobility.

How does it work?

The charging terminals of the network are equipped with a uniform payment system with Chargy/mKaart multifunctional chip card which has the same functionality as a mobility card of the Verkéiersverbond. Upon contracting with a charging service provider, the user will have access to the terminals via his chargy card and he/she will be able to consult his electric consumption, locate the charging stations and make a reservation of an online loading point from its computer or mobile application on the platform my.chargy.lu.

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