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Long regarded as a small sleepy country, the Grand Duchy wakes up in recent years under the current government impulse through significant increases in budgets allocated to Public Security.

Thus major campaigns for the modernization of equipment and rejuvenation of the staff are launched for the Army, the Police, the Fire/Rescue services. These three entities were present at the 2017 Student Fair at LuxExpo and their booths were continuously packed, highlighting the new interest of the youngest for military, police and rescue careers.

Modernised equipment.

As a result of NATO’s new roles and increased participation of Luxembourg in logistical missions, helicopters and drones purchases have been announced for airspace surveillance, an A400M purchased with other NATO allies is expected to hit the Findel runway in 2019. An ambitious development plan that will gradually shift military spending from 0.6% of GDP in 2016 to the symbolic 2% mark in a future still distant.

The Grand Ducal Police has just unveiled its new visual identity, much younger and dynamic. Some vehicles already “rebranded” made a remarkable appearance in our streets. A study is underway with two Tesla Model S to see if the compatibility of electric vehicles with Police missions is assured.

Firefighters and Rescue services are equipped with new and more modern pump trucks, emergency services organised around the new Grand Ducal Fire and Rescue Corps leading the reorganisation of the Rescue Services for more performance. New ambulances are being purchased by the City of Luxembourg.

Many recruitments.

The second aspect of the modernization of Public Security is the rejuvenation of the workforce through massive recruitment plans. However, it is not a question of lowering the level of requirements for new recruits. Thus the three corps were present at the 2017 Student Fair to present the careers offered to graduates/future graduates of higher education. At the center of the scheme, recruitment is not open only to Luxembourg nationals.

The Army that makes its military service very attractive highlights its current logistical support missions in the framework of NATO in Lithuania (enhanced advanced presence or eFP) in the face of the risks Russia poses to the eastern countries of the Alliance (Poland and Baltic States). Other interesting jobs/missions in the bomb squad corps for example. The success of KFOR’s “old” missions can only encourage the youngest to follow in their footsteps. Recruitment sessions are open throughout the year.

Who has recently seen a police patrol in intervention has seen the rejuvenation of the workforce, and this is especially true in the “hot spots” of the country. The new visual identity contributes to the rejuvenation of the image of the Police to attract the youngest. Contests for the Inspector’s career are knowing a growing success.

Firefighters are not forgotten, with the creation of the new Grand Ducal Fire and Rescue Corps, thirty professional firefighters are sought after, not to mention the ambulance driver and administrative positions.

In conclusion.

Do you want action and a job focused on others and support for the population? Then the careers in the Army, Police and Fire/Rescue services are made for you. Find out, an exciting career awaits you.

luxembourg security privacy defense police cyber            luxembourg security privacy defense police cyber

Photos: Luxemburgish Army, Administration of the rescue services.

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