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Crime in the Gare district in Luxembourg City has decreased significantly. This is what today affirms the Minister of Internal Security Etienne Schneider figures in support. Taking as a reference the figures of the number of arrests of the Grand Ducal Police in the Gare neighborhood, there were more than 160 arrests in 2016 (West African drug traffickers), 55 in 2017 and 17 since 1 January 2018.

Strengthened Police forces, a video surveillance of the Gare district to the study


On the basis of the number of arrests declining the situation is improving. But the situation is far from perfect.

The attentive observer will notice a shift in drug-related crime towards Avenue de la Gare, Black Bridge and Fort Neipperg Street with all the negative consequences that can be imagined for the residents of these areas.

The Minister of Internal Security announces that together with the Grand Ducale Police and the City of Luxembourg, a finalisation of an “updated concept of video surveillance for the Gare district among others”.

These successes in terms of the number of arrests often in flagrante delicto were obtained by reinforcing the Police forces. There are 14 additional Police officers who are assigned to the Gare Hollerich Proximity Police Station who reinforce the 30 police Gare Intervention Center, the only one responsible for the safety of both neighborhoods at night.

This is a major budgetary effort to ensure the safety of the residents of the Gare district and fight against crime. The evolution towards video surveillance of the district, long denied in the name of respect of the privacy, goes in the direction of more security.

A shift of crime to other areas of the capital is nevertheless to be feared, as the development of crime “off-street” that can be more difficult to fight.

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