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DEFENSE – Why the return of military service is only a matter of time

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While the question of the return of military service may seem absurd as it is admitted that the European countries no longer practice conscription, a recent news issued yesterday caused the perplexity of military experts. Western countries are facing an unprecedented news, the return of conscription in a European country in peace.

Sweden announced yesterday 02 March 2017, the return of military service from the summer of 2017. The news impact is equaled only by the precipitation of its implementation. The country faces an increasingly pressing threat from its great neighbor Russia, it must also be prepared to support the European effort abroad.

Growing geopolitical uncertainties.

In the face of the recurring sounds of marching boots from Russia and its recent annexation of the Crimea, Sweden is concerned about its geographical proximity. The continuous rearmament of Russia with a double-digit increase in its military budget is not to reassure. President Putin is trying to increase his country’s sphere of influence over its neighbors, whether the former Soviet republics or others.

Faced with this rise of Russia, the western camp appears disunited. Europe of Defense is at a standstill, NATO’s future to help Europe is clouding with President Trump’s contradictory statements and an increase in the Pentagon’s 2017 budget for internal security purposes. A possible good relationship between the United States and Russia could put some risks to countries neighboring Russia, it is the barely veiled fear of Sweden.

Military personnel for protection and projection.

Military service version 2017 will see 11,000 young Swedes cross the gates of the barracks for 11 months in order to give them the bases of the military training that one can expect in view of the above. This age group must be prepared for protection missions (this is the short-term objective of the conscription resumption) but also in the longer term to missions of projections on abroad missions, Europe of Defense struggling to set up and the geopolitical risks appearing on all sides.


The resumption of conscription in Sweden is only a first step. It has the merit of focusing on the rise of global geopolitical risks. One can then ask how long will it be necessary for military service to be re-established in other European countries.

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