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Russia launchedy esterday an ICBM-type missile from a launch base in Siberia to Russia-friendly Kazakhstan. The drill proved to be a success and to have fully reached its target.

This missile fire occurs in the context of a double tension. On the one hand the increased presence of NATO troops in Poland and the Baltic countries after the annexation of the Crimea and the strong support of Russia to the Ukrainian separatists. This spectacular deployment of NATO in order to ensure the security of the eastern part of its NATO allies. The Luxembourg army has fully occupied its role in Lithuania since mid-July 2017 with the presence of men and equipments in logistical support missions.

On the other hand, the verbal escalation between North Korea and the United States can make worry worse, as the North Korean arsenal seems to be strengthening each day more, as every country on the trajectory has to ensure the performance of its anti-missile defence.

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