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After the great success of the Open Door at Diekirch Military Center last Sunday, Defense Secretary Francine Closener presented today the “Guidelines of the Luxembourg Defense to 2025 and beyond”. The increase of the military budget, the recruitment strategy, the purchase of monitoring drones, but that’s not all.

Reminding the efforts made since 2014 to increase the share of the military budget in GDP and the future efforts to be made in the new NATO missions, the following guidelines are announced:

  • Confirmation of the commitment made in 2014 to increase the Luxembourg defense budget effort by 50% until 2020 and to continue to increase the defense budget effort beyond 2020;
  • The evolution of the army by making it more involved in the defense effort through the appropriation of a greater share of investments and the creation of more diversified and technological occupations without renouncing the importance of the social role;
  • Modernization of intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance capabilities through investment in new reconnaissance technologies (drones), in line with the traditional reconnaissance mission of the Luxembourg army;
  • Development of the air component, with the acquisition of new capabilities and platforms for strategic transport, medical evacuation and maritime aerial observation;
  • Development of an air government cluster at Findel;
  • Establishment of a military medicine project including medical teams deployable in operation in the fields of traumatology surgery and infectious diseases, which will strengthen during their period of availability the Luxembourg hospitals, as well as a capacity of additional usable beds in case of a crisis, integrated into an existing hospital structure;
  • Further development of skills and capabilities in the areas of future “space” and “cyber defense” to meet the needs in terms of observation, communication and data transmission capacity as well as analysis and storage capacity data, and to increase the security of our military, including deployment;
  • Development of an industrial strategy, innovation and research in order to involve the Luxembourg economy in the development of defense capabilities;
  • Development of a recruitment strategy to meet the human resource needs in sufficient numbers and with adequate profiles, including specialists capable of developing and implementing defense and military capabilities;
  • Study on the creation of a national availability service to mobilize civilian expertise in case of a crisis, in order to strengthen the resilience of the Luxembourg State and its services;
  • Establishment of a national capacity development agency for the development and implementation of major investment projects.

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