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The European Commission announced on Wednesday (07 June) the launch of a fund for the defense of the countries of the Union. This fund is expected to provide 500 million euros of money from the European Union to help buy and develop high-tech military projects such as drones or robotics. This amount is expected to double from 2020 to reach the billion euros annually.

This decision comes as President Trump continues to press his NATO allies to increase their military budget to 2% of their GDP in order to participate more in the costs of the Organization’s missions, which will now participate in the fight against Daesh/Islamic State and more generally in the fight against terrorism.

Despite these pressures, military budgets remain far from this 2% symbolic threshold. For example, the Grand Duchy’s budget will gradually increase from 0.4% to 0.6% of GDP by 2020, making it a significant increase of 50%. This supplementary budget will be spent on recruitment and purchase of drones and helicopters.

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