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The European Commission today announces its willingness to install EuroHPC in Luxembourg.

EuroHPC is the name of the European Union project in order to install a network of supercomputers in Europe, HPC stands for “High Performance Computing”. EuroHPC will acquire, implement and deploy an integrated pan-European supercomputer infrastructure across Europe. The need for speed and computing power are now such in the industrial, scientific and medical fields that traditional computers are not enough, specific computers are needed.

Concretely the structure that will drive the deployment of the pan-European network of supercomputers will be located in Luxembourg, supercomputers will be installed amog the member countries of EuroHPC (Luxembourg, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Portugal, the Netherlands, Belgium, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Greece and Croatia to date).

By 2020 around 1 billion euros of public funding will be invested in this project, the EU contribution will be of the order of 486 millions from the European Union, the rest coming from theState Members and the partner countries who are the shareholders of this common structure.

The members of the government immediately welcomed the decision of the European Commission, this decision emphasising the reputation of Luxembourg as a ‘smart nation’.

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