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Just recovered from the ransomware type “WannaCry” cyberattack  that a new attack potentially even more important by the number of affected computers is announced. This time it is not a ransomware and a priori the data are not in danger. The “Adylkuzz” cyberattack simply consists in a “Trojan” (like WannaCry) that uses a flaw in the Windows operating system in its older (non-upgraded) versions and uses the computer’s resources to create crypto-currency Monero and repatriate these Monero to the initiators of the attack and thus enrich them.

According to computer security company Proofpoint who discovered this attack, the number of infected computers would be much higher than the 200,000 identified during the WannaCry cyberattack.

Should we be afraid of this attack?

The signs of infection with the virus are a great slowdown of the machine. Aside from that no other effects. Simply the feeling of working for criminals.

Monero (as the famous Bitcoin) are crypto-currencies, created by computers and exchangeable in official currencies like the American dollar for example.

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