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The City of Luxembourg informs the road users that from Monday 3 July 2017 parking at the P+R Kockelscheuer and Luxembourg-Sud will be charged from the second day of parking. Thus, from the 25th hour of parking, the fare will be 10 € per day begun. These charges have proved their worth at P+R Bouillon and it has been decided to apply these same measures also to the P+R Kockelscheuer and Luxembourg-Sud, in order to promote the offer for commuters.

Validation of the parking ticket collected at the entrance will be carried out by the automatic cash registers located in the relay park. For all parking periods of less than 24 hours, the Kockelscheuer and Luxembourg-South P+Rs will remain free and a validation of the ticket will not be required. This change will therefore have no effect on the habits of everyday commuters.

Note that P+R Beggen and Kirchberg will remain free without any limitation in time.

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