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The arrival of the Luxembourg A400M on the Findel runaway is once again postponed to be scheduled for early 2020. This was stated by the Minister of Defense Etienne Schneider Friday in response to a question by Fernand Kartheiser, ADR MP. The delivery of the A400M by Airbus Military, the defense branch of the European aircraft manufacturer, was previously planned for 2019.

“Delivery postponed until early 2020, the A400M price remains unchanged” (Etienne Schneider, March 08, 2018)


Intended for strategic and tactical transport missions (ie able to land on runways in poor condition or unprepared terrain), the A400M Atlas can carry up to 37 tons of cargo over a distance of 4,500 km.

With the postponement of the delivery of the A400M to the Luxembourg army, its price remains unchanged. Luxembourg will pay more than 168 million euros (168,660,702 euros), plus 28 million euros in VAT paid directly to the Registration Authority (28,672,319 euros).

Last May, while the delivery of the Luxembourg A400M was scheduled for 2019, Reuters reported new technical problems in the development of the Airbus Military A400M program that could delay shipments from 12 to 18 months.

The arrival of the A400M within the Luxembourg Army will reinforce the creation of the new air component within the Army, and will join the 2 NATO Boeing E-3A AWACS registered in the Grand Duchy and stationed at the German Air Base Geilenkirchen located 150 kilometers north of Luxembourg and the new helicopters stationed in Findel (the latter being shared with the Grand Ducal Police).

The Luxembourg Army, in addition to its mission of Defense of the Grand Duchy, is very involved in logistical support missions, whether on the ground as it currently shows with its presence in Mali or Lithuania as part of the mission of “Enhanced Forward Presence (eFP)”, and later in air support.

Luxembourg has also partnered with the Netherlands, Germany and Norway to participate in the purchase of seven Airbus A330 Multi-Role Tanker Transport aircraft which are also expected to be delivered in 2020.

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