Luxembourg police officer dead after police chase ends up in crash

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keywords: road police, traffic police, pursuit, accident, weiswampach, luxembourg. The Luxembourg Police are mourning this Saturday after the death of a policeman last night. A motorist refusing to submit to a road check in Weiswampach was chased by two Police patrols on the expressway. During a maneuver whose circumstances are not yet clearly established, the two Police vehicles hit each other. Two policemen were seriously injured. The officer who was driving one of the cars succumbed to his injuries at the scene of the accident. Her police colleague in the…

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keyword: conflict in syria, chemical attack, missile strikes, united states, united kingdom, france. President Trump has announced his authorisation to launch missiles on Syria for chemical weapons storage last night in an 8-minute speech on US television. After alternating hot and cold all week, President Trump waited for the weekend and stock markets closing to communicate his decision, a decision made jointly with France and the United Kingdom. President Trump reminds that last year, after the Syrian regime’s chemical attack on its people, the United States launched an attack in retaliation…

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